16,000 Calculations

Don't be responsible for bad math ruining a glaze bucket!

Converts Glaze Recipe Percentages Into the Correct Gram Weight

Batch sizes range from 500 grams to 10,000 grams, at intervals of 500 gram batch sizes! GlazeCal measures percentages to the tenth decimal place, up to 80.0%.

No computer programs to purchase

For experienced or new glaze formulators

To Use:  Simply move the slide to the correct batch weight and all of your glaze calculations are complete.  Easily flip through to find the correct weight, of each ingredient in the glaze recipe, under it's corresponding percentage!

Glazecal is made of two 8.5" x 11" calculators.  They are each made of sturdy, 2-sided calculator boards and covered by a gloss varnish coating.  Each calculator is held together with metal eyelets and glue.

MSRP $19.97!!


Your Glaze Makin' Cheat Sheet

Converts Glaze Recipe Percentages Into the Correct Gram Weight

Made In USA - Designed By a Potter in Kentucky

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